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What do you need?
All you need is a website with its own domain name. We will pay you a commission for every purchase made through your site.

How does it work?
This is a fabulous opportunity to make more money with your site! Our affiliate program will enhance your site, not take traffic away. Our links open up a new browser window. Visitors can have a look around and then they are right back to your site. When somebody visits your site, it will store a cookie in the browser's memory for 24 hours. If they visit our site immediately from your site and make a purchase (which is what happens in most cases through an affiliate), you will be credited with 10% of the sale, once their sale is approved. Even if somebody doesn't make a purchase right away, if they visit our site within 24 hours of receiving your cookie, you will still receive the 10% commission for any purchases made.

It's free!
You'll be providing visitors with a service they'll appreciate. And you'll be paid for the sales your site generates. Its like running your own store without the hassle of paying for all that inventory and all the time required to run a merchandise site. All for putting a link on your site.

How often will I be Paid?
Payments will be processed every 45 days. If the amount owed to you is $50.00 or more, payment will be sent. If amount is less than $50.00 then that amount will carry over to the next payment period until the amount reaches $50.00.

Cancellation Policy?
There is no contract. You can cancel your affiliate program at any time. UniversalWrestling.com retains their right to cancel your affiliate program with 10 days notice for poor performance. We can also terminate the affiliate program if you don't accumulate $50 worth of commissions for 3 consecutive months.