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*UWF(Universal Wrestling Federation) was the #1 Syndicated Sports Program in America! *source November 1986 Arbitron Ratings

In the late 1960's through the late 1980's, a Professional Wrestling promotion was built by wrestling great Cowboy Bill Watts. The promotion spanned many of the Mid-Southern states in the U.S.: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Eastern Texas and Southern Missouri. The promotion was appropriately named Mid-South Wrestling.

The Mid-South Wrestling broadcasts enjoyed exceptional ratings success. In fact, they were in the top three of syndicated programming nationwide at the time. Because of its success, Mid-South spawned a second set of syndicated broadcasts, called Power Pro Wrestling.
Although the promotion covered a small area of the United States, wrestling followers all over the world became fans of Mid-South. The matches weren't glitzy or fancy. They were no-nonsense, get down to business REAL wrestling.

The promotion eventually grew to nationwide syndication, and was renamed The Universal Wrestling Federation. The UWF featured the same great athletes and matches. Only the name changed to reflect the wide distribution of the program.

The ownership again changed in 1990 when Ene Sooro Watts acquired the sole rights to the three promotions and their by products. Ms. Watts has other media interests as well, therefore naming the distribution company, Universal Wrestling Archives, Inc. a.k.a. UWA.
If you are accustomed to the lights and pyrotechnics of today's wrestling, you might not know what to think of these matches at first. But after you see the quality of what goes on inside the ring, you'll be hooked. These shows are legendary for their outstanding matches and wild antics.

You will notice too that even though it's a "no-holds barred" atmosphere, the wrestlers kept their body language and their spoken language clean. You won't see the innuendo and filth that accompany most of today's wrestling.

The promotion was fertile ground for wrestling stars. Many of wrestling’s greatest names either got their start in the Mid-South or appeared on the broadcasts. Browse our on-line catalog and find out!