Giants, Midgets, Heroes & Villains Vol. 2 DVD


Giants, Midgets, Heroes & Villains Vol. 2 DVD from Mid-South Wrestling

Once again fans can re-live the legendary glory age of wrestling and once and for all know that the bone breaking, blood-pounding action is real. Several of the matches on this DVD, when they originally aired on T.V. had to run with a disclaimer because the content was over the top vicious & bloody. The infamous match between Ric Flair & Ted DiBiase in a concussion bandage, the ambush beating Hacksaw Jim Duggan received by the hands of Ted DiBiase and his henchmen, the intentional blinding of J.Y.D. by the Midnight Express and the brutal beating Ric Flair endured by the Freebirds during an NWA Championship cage match.

All this and more, plus 4 man & 6 man tag team matches, midget matches, a Hacksaw Jim Duggan montage video and Classic interviews including one with Andre the GIANT done by none other then Vince McMahon himself. Enjoy!

  • 1. Highlights of Dick Murdoch attacking Ted DiBiase before his match with Ric Flair (from Mid South Wrestling Giants, Heroes, Midgets, & Villains Vol. 1)
  • 2. NWA Title Match: Ric Flair vs. Ted DiBiase
  • 3. Jake Roberts & The Barbarian vs. Richard Dye & Paul Brown
  • 4. Bill Dundee & Little Tokyo vs. Wendell Cooley & Little Coco
  • 5. Ted DiBiase & King Kong Bundy vs. Steve Williams & Magnum TA
  • 6. Midnight Express vs. Hacksaw Duggan & Junkyard Dog (joined in progress)
  • 7. Football Helmet Match: Steve Williams vs. Hacksaw Duggan
  • 8. Kamala & The Black Ninja vs. Art Crews & Mike Jackson
  • 9. Handicap Match: Nicolai Volkoff vs. Mike Jackson & Randy Barber
  • 10. Hacksaw Duggan promo & video
  • 11. Bounty Match: One Man Gang vs. Hacksaw Duggan
  • 12. Highlight of Freebirds turning on Kerry Von Erich during his cage match with Ric Flair from World Class
  • 13. King Kong Bundy vs. Junkyard Dog
  • 14. Jake Roberts & Steve Williams vs. Shawn Michaels & Pvt. Terry Daniels
  • 15. Buzz Sawyer vs. Nick Patrick (Duggan, Butch Reed, & Dick Slater all get involved)
  • 16. One Man Gang & The Assassin vs. Ernie Ladd & Iron Mike Sharp
  • 17. Butch Reed vs. Jim Neidhart
  • 18. Andre The Giant, Junkyard Dog, & Mil Mascaras vs. Killer Kahn, Tully Blanchard, & Gino Hernandez
  • 19. Vince McMahon interviews Andre The Giant
  • 20. Tom Stanton & Cowboy Lang vs. George Weingroff & Lone Eagle
  • 21. Missing Link vs. Junkyard Dog
  • 22. Nicolai Volkoff vs. Hacksaw Duggan
  • 23. Buzz Sawyer & Dick Slater vs. The Fantastics
  • 24. Kamala vs. Iceman Parsons
  • 25. Hacksaw Duggan vs. Humongous

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