House Show Volume 011 DVD


Produced: Unknown

  • Kerry Von Erich vs. "Gorgeous" Gino Hernandez
  • Kerry Von Erich vs. "Thor"
  • "The Fantastics" vs. "The Dirty White Boys"
  • �Hacksaw� Butch Reed vs. "The Barbarian"
  • "Rock �n� Roll Express" vs. �DR. Death� Steve Williams & "Gorgeous" Gino Hernandez

Produced: 4-14 to 4-16-1985

  • Terry Taylor vs. Kamala "The Ugandan Giant"
  • "Brickhouse" Brown vs. Tommy Pritchard
  • "The Barbarian" vs. Steve Casey
  • "The Barbarian" vs. "Private" Terry Daniels
  • Jack Victory vs. "Brickhouse" Brown
  • Brad Armstrong vs. Edcar "Boo" Thomas
  • Jack Victory vs. "Brickhouse" Brown
  • �Hacksaw� Jim Duggan vs. "Thor"

Made & Manufactured in The USA