Mid South Wrestling Volume 027 DVD


Mid-South Wrestling # 173

Original Broadcast 12/30/1982

Host: "Cowboy" Bill Watts

  • 1st Info: Kimala " The Ugandan Warrior"
  • 2nd Info: 10-1-82 Houston TX: 6-Man Tag Match
  • 2nd: Andre The Giant & "The Junk Yard Dog" & Mil Mascarez VS. Killer Kahn & Tully Blanchard & Georgous Gino Hernandez
  • 3rd Info: 10-15-82 the last 30 seconds
  • 3rd: Gino Hernandez VS. Mil Mascarez
  • 4th Info: 10-27-82 Shreveport LA Paul Bosch & "Cowboy" Biull Watts Discuss the Mid-South tag team championship
  • 5th Info: "Loser Must Leave Town for 90 Days Match" "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Interferes dressed in a gorilla costume from the crowd
  • 5th: "The Junk Yard Dog" & Mr. Olympia VS. Ted dibiase & Matt Borne
  • 6th info: 11-6-82 Shreveport LA
  • 6th: Ted Dibiase VS. Stagger Lee
  • 7th info: 11-6-82 Shreveport LA "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan interferes & challenges Tony to a push up contest
  • 7th: Bob Stabler VS. "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas
  • 8th info: The Rat Pack interferes 12-11-82Shreveport LA
  • 8th: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan VS. "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas
  • 9th info: 12-18-82Shreveport LA
  • 9th: Mr. Wrestling II VS. Kimala "The Ugandan Warrior"
  • 10th info: 12-18-82 Shreveport LA
  • 10th: Stagger Lee & Mr. Olympia VS. Ted Dibiase & Matt Borne
  • 11th info: 12-10-82 Houston TX
  • 11th: Tully Blanchard VS. Mr. Wrestling II
  • 12th info: 12-10-82 Houston TX 6-Man Tag Match Mr. Wrestling II Interferes
  • 12th: Stagger Lee & Chavo Guererro & "Mr. USA" Tony Atlas VS. Matt Borne & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan &