Mid South Wrestling Volume 042 DVD



Mid-South Wrestling Episode #202

Original Broadcast July 21, 1983

  • 1st Live Match: Dusty Rhodes vs. Bundy at the Superdome
  • 2nd Live Match: J.Y.D. vs. Bruce Reed
  • 3rd Live Match: Art Crews vs. Hacksaw Reed
  • 4th Live Match: Dr. Death Williams vs. Boris Zurkov
  • 5th Live Match: Johnny Rich and Tim Horner vs. Ted DiBiase and My Olympia
  • 6th Live Match: Duggan vs. Kamala
  • 7th Live Match: Mr. Wrestling II vs. Rip Rogers

    Mid-South Wrestling Episode #203

    Original Broadcast July 25, 1983

  • 1st Live Match: George Weingroff and Tim Horner vs. Tony Zane and Rip Rogers
  • 2nd Live Match: Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Rick Davidson
  • 3rd Live Match: J.Y.D. vs. Mr. Olympia
  • 4th Live Match: Terry Allen vs. Hacksaw Reed
  • 5th Live Match: Dr.. Death Williams and Johnny Rich vs. King Kong Bundy and Ted DiBiase
  • 6th Live Match: Tony Torres vs. Boris Zurkov
  • 7th Live Match: John Davidson vs. Art Crews"