Mid South Wrestling Volume 053 DVD



Open: Bill Watts

  • VTR: Magnum T.A. & Wrestling II
  • Mr. Wrestling II vs. Larry Higgens
  • Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs. Krusher Darsow
  • Coco Ware & Mike Jackson vs. The Midnight Express
  • Bill Watts with the star of �84� Terry Taylor
  • Larry Poffo & Iceman King Parson vs. Reed & Neidhart


    Announcers: Bill Watts

  • VTR: II & T.A. workout
  • No D.Q Inside cage T.A. & Wrestling II vs. Butch Reed & Niedhart
  • Interview with T.A. Wrestling II vs. Butch Reed & Niedhart
  • Christmas Night at New Orleans: Jim Duggan vs. Krusher
  • VTR: The Midnight Express in action
  • Terry Taylor (The New Kid in Town)
  • Mid-South on the road2 men vs. 3 men