Mid South Wrestling Volume 060 DVD



Desk Boyd Pearce & Jim Ross

  • Joe Savoldi vs. Mr. Wrestling II
  • Jeff Young & Mike Jackson vs. Midnight Express
  • Terry Taylor vs. John King
  • Rock n� Roll Express vs. Butch Reed & Buddy Landel
  • Jim Duggan vs. Russian Invader
  • Lanny Poffo & George Weingroff vs. Nicolai Volkoff & Maceio Ito
  • Magnum TA vs. Bob Owens


    Announcers: Boyd & Jim�big run down on T.V. Tournament

  • Terry Taylor vs. Krusher Khrushchev (Reed put Taylor on his head)
  • Match goes as planned � �
  • Interview with Bill Watts�MSW gets ripped off
  • Josh Stroud & Tony Torres vs. The Midnight Express
  • VTR from Superdome�Magnum T.A.vs. Dale Veasey
  • Joe Savoldi vs. Mr. Wrestling II