Mid South Wrestling Volume 080 DVD




  • 1st Dale Veasey & Rick Oliver VS. PVT. Terry Daniels
  • 2nd ""Hacksaw"" Jim Duggan ""Athlete of the Year"" 1984
  • 3rd ""Sheik"" Hercules Hernandez VS. Terry Taylor
  • 4th Jack Victory VS. ""Iceman"" King Parsons
  • 5th Jake ""The Snake"" Roberts VS. Mike Jackson
  • 6th Rocky King & George South VS. Kamala ""The Ugandan Warrior""
  • 7th ""Dr. Death"" Steve Williams VS. Brad Armstrong


  • 1st Terry Ellis & ""The Golden Terror"" VS. ""Rock N Roll Express""
  • 2nd Highlights Ted DiBiase
  • 3rd Terry Taylor & ""Hacksaw"" Duggan VS. ""Dr. Death"" & Ted DiBiase
  • 4th ""Sheik"" Hercules Hernandez VS. Richard Dye
  • 5th Kamala ""The Ugandan Giant"" VS. ""Iceman"" King Parsons
  • 6th Tim Horner & Jason Walker VS. Chavo & Hector Guerrero
  • 7th Jake ""The Snake"" Roberts VS. Shawn Michaels"