Mid South Wrestling Volume 081 DVD



Produced: 2-22-85

  • 1st ""Nature Boy"" Buddy Landel VS. Brad Armstrong
  • 2nd Kamala ""The Ugandan Giant"" VS. Tim Horner
  • 3rd Ted DiBiase VS. PVT. Terry Daniels
  • 4th ""The Iceman"" King Parsons, ""Little Coco"" and ""Cowboy"" Lang VS. Jack Victory, ""Little Tokyo"" and ""Lord Little Brook""
  • 5th Jake ""The Snake"" Roberts and ""The Sheik"" VS. Michaels & Walker
  • 6th ""Hacksaw"" Jim Duggan VS. Steve ""Dr. Death"" Williams
  • 7th Terry Taylor VS. Hector Guerrero

    Produced: 3-1-85

  • 1st ""The Dirty White Boys"" VS. Shawn Michaels & Tim Horner
  • 2nd ""Dr. Death"" Steve Williams and Edcar ""Boo"" Thomas VS. Jackson & Cooper
  • 3rd ""Best Dressed Man Contest"" Ted DiBiase VS. ""Hacksaw"" Jim Duggan
  • 4th ""Hacksaw"" Butch Reed VS. Kamala ""The Ugandan Giant""
  • 5th Terry Taylor VS. Jake ""The Snake"" Roberts
  • 6th Pt.1 ""The Rock N Roll Express"" VS. Chavo & Hector Guerrero
  • 7th Pt.2 ""The Rock N Roll Express"" VS. Chavo & Hector Guerrero
  • Starting in the 2nd Match through the rest of this 2nd Show their is some video noise at the bottom of the screen causing some pixilation problems. Sorry we are going to see if we can resolve this on the Master."