Mid South Wrestling Volume 087 DVD


Produced: 5-17-85

1st. Highlights: Kamala VS. "Hacksaw" Duggan

2nd. Ted DiBiase & "Dr. Death" VS. "The Rock N Roll Express"

3rd. "The Dirty White Boys" VS. "The Rock N Roll Express"

4th. "The Snowman" VS. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams

5th."The Fabulous Freebirds" VS. Jackson & Armstrong

6th. Mark Ragin VS. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

7th. "Dr. Death" & DiBiase VS. Steve Casey & Ken Clover

Produced: 5-23-85

1st. Interview: "Hacksaw" Duggan

2nd. "The Snowman" VS. Jake "The Snake" Roberts

3rd. Gilbert & "The Nightmare VS. Mark Ragin & Mike Jackson

4th. Demonstration: Terry Taylor

5th. Ted DiBiase & "Dr. Death" VS. Steve Casey & Terry Daniels

6th. "The Barbarian VS. Ken Glover

7th. Chan Chang and Larry Clark VS. �Brick house� Brown and Brad Armstrong