Mid South Wrestling Volume 090 DVD


Mid-South Wrestling

Original Broadcast 6/27/1985

Host: Jim Ross

Commentary: Joel Watts

  • 1st: "The Zambui Express" VS. Pvt. Terry Daniels
  • 2nd: "Capt. Redneck" Dick Murdock VS. Karl Stiles
  • 3rd: Jake "The Snake" Roberts & "The Barbarian" VS. Wendell Cooley & Frank Lane
  • 4th: "The Snowman" VS. Randy Reason
  • 5th: "Brickhouse" Brown & Mark Ragin VS. Tommy Pritchard & Pat Rose
  • 6th: "Dirty Dutch" Mantell VS. Brad Armstrong
  • 7th: "The Dirty White Boys" VS. "The Fantastics"

    Mid-South Wrestling Episode # 305

    Original Broadcast 7/5/1985

    Host: Jim Ross and Joel Watts

  • 1st Info: Video: Body Works / Starring: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed
  • 2nd Info: T.V. Title Match:
  • 2nd: "Dirty" Dutch Mantell VS. Terry Taylor
  • 3rd Info: Interview: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
  • 4th Info: Interview: "General" Skandar Akbar
  • 5th Info: Kamala Interferes injuring Duggan to keep him from facing Akbar alone afterward!
  • 5th: "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan VS. "The Zambui Express" & w/Manager: "General" Skandar Akbar
  • 6th info: Mid-South Tag Team Championship Title Match / Jake Jake "The Snake" Roberts and "The Barbarian" Interfere the match does not happen.
  • 6th: Ted Dibiase & "Dr. Death" Steve Williams VS. "PVT." Terry Daniels & Frankie Lane
  • 7th: "The Champion" & w/Manager: "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert VS. Wendell Cooley
  • 8th: "Brickhouse" Brown & Mark Ragin VS. "The Red Raider" & Paul Brown
  • 9th: Al Perez VS. Pat Rose
  • 10th info: Video: Give Me All Your Lovin' / Starring "The Fantastics"