Power Pro Wrestling Volume 040 DVD



PPW # 79

Host: Jim Ross

Color Commentator: Joel Armstrong Watts

Guest Color Commentator: Steve Saget Match 5

  • 1. "Mid-South Update" w/Scott Munz including Interview w/Debra, "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan's girl & phone interview w/Ted DiBiase about his return to wrestling as well as an Interview w/ "Nature" Boy Ric Flair!
  • 2. Rob RickSteiner vs. Jimmy Backlund
  • 3. "Humongous" w/Manager: "Sir Oliver Humperdink" vs. Mark Cooper
  • 4. "Hot Stuff" Eddie Gilbert vs. Nick Patrick in "Myriad Center" Oklahoma City, OK
  • 5. "The Sheepherders" vs. Rudy Gonzalez & Bob Garcia in "The Junction" San Antonio, TX
  • 6. Match in Progress: "Hacksaw" Butch Reed vs. "The Nightmare" w/Manager: "Sir Oliver Humperdink" in "North American Heavyweight Title Match"
  • 7. "The Bruise Brothers" vs. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams & "El Corsario" in "New Orleans Municipal Auditorium" Special Feature: Little Rock, AR

    PPW # 80

    Host: Jim Ross

    Guest Host: Boyd Pierce Match 11

    Color Commentator: Joel Armstrong Watts

    Guest Color Commentator: Ted DiBiase Match 9

    Guest Color Commentator: Paul Boesch Match 10

    Guest Color Commentator: "Cowboy" Bill Watts Match 11

    Year End Wrap-Up Special for 1985!

  • 8. "Mad Dog" Buzz Sawyer & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan Brawl spills out of studio and Dick Slater & "Hacksaw" Butch Reed Explode in the ring w/"Dark Journey coming to Slater's rescue!
  • 9. Terry Taylor vs. "Nature Boy" Buddy Landel for "Mid-South T. V. Title Re-Match"
  • 10. Match in Progress: "Rock 'n' Roll Express vs. Steve "Dr. Death" Williams & Ted DiBiase "Mid-South Tag Team Title Match" in "Sam Houston Coliseum" April 19, 1985
  • 11. "1st Whip on a Pole Tag Team Match in Broadcast History!" "The Fantastics" vs. "Superstar' Bill Dundee & "Dirty" Dutch Mantel then "Mr. Unpredictable" Dick Slater w/Valet: "Dark Journey vs. "The Fantastics"
  • 12. Ted DiBiase vs. "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan in "Best Dressed Man Contest" w/DiBiase taking out Duggan's Windshield then Murdoch's Brain Buster of DiBiase on the Cement!
  • 13. Interview: Buddy Landel & Butch Reed where Reed destroys "Presidential Rolex Payoff" then Reed vs. Landel Finally Reed Beats Ric Flair on Mid-South T. V.!
  • 14. Music Video: "Humongous" in "War Machine", Music Video" Al Perez in "Winning" & Music Video: "Midnight Rider" in "Midnight Rider"

    Made & Manufactured in The USA